Joseph offers a paid and extensive year-long program. Working side by side with Joseph, you will first learn how to build your clientele through a personal touch, and continue working towards your professional goals to deliver great services in a timely way.

You will move through your training by working hands-on with models willing to work with you, with the promise of a senior stylist overseeing your work.


Salon Joseph is growing, and are eager to find two senior stylists, and one or two apprentices. Get in touch soon to schedule a tour, or leave a message for someone to call you back.

At our salon, we strive to be forthright and candid, supportive and encouraging, open and transparent, and welcome to new ideas, new people, and new ways of working. Clients find a restful place that is bright and freshly updated in a gem of a neighborhood, with ample amenities nearby, including on-street parking, just minutes from downtown in the tranquil neighborhood of West Queen Anne.